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Aluminium Roof Ladder

features etc.,

Oval rungs to provide maximum tread surface with optimum strength. Deeply serrated for even grip when wet.

The rungs are set at a 45 degree angle to provide comfortable grip.

Anti-slip rubber covered stand offs to allow for a good foothold without damage to the roof surface.

They also come with a hook to hook over the roof ridge and soft rubber wheels to aid pushing the ladder up to the top of roof.

Roof ladders are available modified to accept extension pieces.

Extension pieces are fitted with captive sword pins for quick and safe connection.

The roof ladders are trade grade and come in:-

12' to 20' 12 to 22 rungs.

The extensions are the same grade and are available in:-

1, 2 and 3m overall lengths or 4, 8 12 rungs.

We fit them with a quick and secure locking system so you can easily join sections together
and remove them by using a sword pin. We rivet the sword pin on to the ladder sections to stop them from getting lost.

In the pictures below you can see a close up of a sword pin engaed locking two ladders together and on the picture with a ladder section on a table you can see the sword pin ready to be used to lock two ladders together.

The sword pin works on the same locking principal as an anti loose fitting so you do not have to worry about it vibrating loose .

Roof ladder with ridge hook Roof ladder section with sword pins Close up roof ladder with roof ladder section attached