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Adjustable ABIL a ladder and Step Ladder Combined designed for use on a roof with rung by rung adjustment



Telescopic Multi Purpose & Roof Access Ladder is capable of performing as more than one access product.
Saving you from having to transport several separate access products.


Can be used as an extendable ladder or as a adjustable stepladder you can independently adjust the height each side of the steps, this allows you to use it on stairs. You can also use as a trestle by splitting the two outer styles and joining them together and then using the inside section as the other trestle.


Outer ladder stile is detachable and due to its compact and its lightweight construction the unit can be easily carried up a ladder and on to a roof. Our special feet spread the weight of the load to significantly reduce the chance of any damage to the roof structure.


It is made of durable and light quality aluminium alloy.

Adjustable multi purpose roof and step ladder combined Rung by rung adjustable roof and step ladder Telescopic Multi function ladder and steps