Ability has designed & manufactured a bridging system for access over conference tables in board rooms or particularly large desks. The system uses two of our Desksurfers with a purpose built platform complete with self closing gate designed to accept a bridging platform with handrails to span these large tables or desks.

Some of the advantages over aluminum scaffolding bridging systems.

  1. Quick and easy to set up.
  2. Only a one man job to set up (if needed) and just two men to move.
  3. A flexible height adjustable bridging system, ideal for large board room tables etc.,
  4. Two Desksurfer's linked with one bridging platform 600mm wide & span lengths to suit,
    complete with guardrails & toeboards.
  5. Wider bridging platform arrangements can be achieved & designed to suit various applications.
  6. Robust adjustable self closing gate mechanism for access/egress to and from the bridging platform.
  7. Desksurfers can also be used separately for over desks access.
  8. Bridging system can be mounted end on or side on to the Desksurfer platforms.


Height adjustable bridging system Mobile height adjustable bridge Bridging system with height