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It is easy to use and very affective and tough.

It has been tested by leeds Polytechnic on various surface and at various angles. The surfaces it has been tested on are wet, dry floors even painted concrete sprinkled with fine sand and using ladder with wheels attached to upper ends to minimize friction.

The Polytechnics notes of conclusions.

ladder stopper may be expected to improve the performance of a ladder in terms of safety by imparting complete stability under conditions of use.

May be expected to improve considerably the limits of stability of a ladder well beyond required use.

The stopper is regarded as being stable at inclinations 3/1 and above even with loose or dry surface.

May be to provide added security in that when used at the limit. Loss of stability is gradual slip and grip rather then catastrophic total loss of grip. This enables the user to make a careful descent without further slip occurring.

A positive note of interest for safety officers as means of improving the stability of ladders.

Ladder stopper gripper and stabiliser Ladder gripper for slppery surfaces