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General Purpose Telescopic Step Ladder

WAKU is a fully extendable step ladder, which can be also be used as a ladder or you can use it to assemble Trestles.

It also gives you rung by rung adjustment and is fabricated from tough and light weight aluminium alloy.

It comes in 3 sizes 4,5 and 6 rung. it is easy to use light, durable and very flexible.

Weight of the 3 different models are:

13kg for the 4 rung, 16kg for the 5 rung and 20kg for the 6 rung.

Waku Sizes: Model No 7771 Model No 7772 Model No 7773
Storage Height Depth Base Width Height Depth Base Width Height Depth Base Width
In meters 1.29 .20 .56 1.57 .20 .63 1.85 .20 .70
Extended Length in meters 4.2 5.30 6.40

General purpose multi function step ladder Stap laddder and trestle with rung by rung adjustement