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  1. SUPER LOOKING HOOK: locks on both 50.8mm OD (2") & 48.4mm (1 29/32" scaffold tube) tubing.
  2. SECURITY LOCK FEATURE: Standard on Top of Range Aluminium Towers. Optional Contract Range of Aluminium Towers.
    Braceshave option of security lock to prevent site losses etc., and by using features, the tower can
    be made more rigid.
  3. GRIP TUBING: Used as standard on all rungs of frames and on brace tubing to increase grip when handling .
  4. PRESSURE FORMED & WELDED JOINTS: For optimum strength, durability and ease of repair. The extruded aluminium tee pieces have been formed jointing on vertical tubess and welded on the rungs.
    Contract range have a combination of tee peices and fully "all round welded saddle cut rungs.
  5. FRAME LOCKS: Contract range via interlock clips; Top range via semi automatic extruded catch assembly.
  6. MACHINE TURNED SPIGOTS: Strong machine turned aluminium spigots plus exeptional manufacturing tolerences ensure all frames engage and disengage easily.
  7. EXTRUDED STABILISER CLAMP: More durable than cast clamps. Also has special large wing nuts for ease of location.
  8. WIDE, RECTANGULAR & LINKED TOWERS: All tower components can be used on our 2m, 2.5m & 3m wide framesto make large square, rectangular or linked towers.
  9. ADJUSTABLE LEGS: Option of 2 types (1) nut adjustment as offered in Contract towers (2) quick release - included as standard on Top range towers.
  10. ACCESSORIES: Walk thorugh frames, portal frames, goal post frames high clearance platforms, clip on bridge beams etc., avaliable.


Ability International Limited is a UK based company answering work at height solutions both here in the UK and Internationally, by supplying aluminium scaffold towers & access equipment many of which are custom built to clients specification and requirements. We have over 23 years experience of manufacturing aluminium scaffold products and special access equipment. Over the years we have gained an enviable reputation for providing practical and innovative scaffold solutions to meet our customer's bespoke access requirements, Also we have built up a varied customer base in a wide range of industry sectors.

We offer Certificated on-site access safety Training for all types of work at height equipment ranging from ladders & steps to sophisticated custom built aluminium tower systems. Our trainers have many years of experience in the access industry and the training certification is valid for the normal working life of the individual

We also provide site surveys and assessment of any access problems, where our scaffold products may offer a viable and practical access solutions drawing upon our years of experience from previous scenarios & applications. Our product range has components which are unique in the features they offer to the customer for example our hook is the only product available in the aluminium scaffolding market that can accommodate two different scaffold tube sizes and the top of the range hook can also be security locked in place to help prevent theft or unauthorized interference (a key health and safety benefit) of the aluminium towers once erected.

We do not manufacture scaffolding tube and scaffold couplers in steel or steel scaffolding, our core scaffold product business does include the following: Aluminium Scaffolding, Unique Aluminium scaffold Tower Design, Desksurfer, height adjustable mobile platforms for over desk access, Cantilevered Height Adjustable access Platforms, Cat Ladders, Custom built Access Equipment, Platform Access, Staging Access, scaffold Chimney Access Staging, Walkway Access, Gantry Systems, Certificated Access Training, Aluminium Scaffold fittings, scaffold access Equipment, Roof Ladders & Extensions, Ladder Stopper & Stabiliser, Telescopic Multi-Purpose Step Ladder. Swimming Pool Bridging, Staircase Bridging, Universal Bridge Panels & Accessories for Spanning over voids etc.,