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A Stairladder tower, as the name implies is an aluminium scaffold tower with a Stairladder for access & ingress as standard. The bracing structure of the tower included the Stairladder and banister braces. The stairladder is also fabricated from aluminium making it srong durable and light weight.

This type of aluminium scaffold tower is available in double width only.

The platform height options are:-

2.3m to 12.3m in 1 metre increments.


Above aluminium towers comply with BS EN 1004:2004 requirements:- 1m high &
intermediate guardrails plus toeboards at the working platform level.
Also 1m high & intermediate guardrails at access/rest platform levels; fit
toeboards at levels when used for storing tools & materials or as working
platforms. Stairladder towers have platforms at 2m intervals, 45 stair
access with top and mid banister braces.