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As a manufacturer of aluminium scaffold tower systems and access equipment, we can repair towers and access equipment. All our welders are coded and have years of Aluminium fabrication experience.


We fill out an assessment of all your equipment we have for repair, for example re-welds, squaring of aluminium frames, replacing mechanism's etc. The assessment form shows a breakdown of the cost of each repair items, you can then decide if you would like everything done or only some of the items done and once you are happy and give us the go ahead we will repair only what you have asked us to repair no more or less. If any of your equipment is beyond economical repair we will mark it as BER, which stands for beyond economical repair on the repair assessment form.

We will not carry out any work on your order until you have reviewed our quotation and have confirmed you wish us to proceed.

You will receive a complete list of what needs to be done to repair your aluminum scaffolding
or access equipment and if it beyond economical repair we will say so.

If you are happy to pay for either collection or delivery charges, we can collect the iterms to be repaired and deliver them once we have repaired them.